AMĒNAH is centered around the ethos of authenticity, honesty and individuality; a boutique centered around the uniqueness of every woman of every shape + size. 

After feeling like the current women’s lifestyle market left them to choose between honest and conscious products or affordability, founders Amelia Shales and Hannah Levy used their fashion and business backgrounds to bring AMĒNAH to life. Every item has its own story, and is sourced with integrity. 


A Message from the Founders:

Every piece at AMĒNAH had to fit perfectly into our vision and mission. We felt very passionate about offering items and designs we really stood behind and had a hand in creating. From previously working with so many creative individuals in Southern California, we were able to reach out and form partnerships to curate and design all of our items that are truly unique to our brand. One of the best parts about interacting with customers is being able to tell each person about where every item in our store came from, who made it and how it impacts the world positively. Transparency has always been a part of our mission, and is our motivation to continue pursuing our dream by educating our customers, and offering quality, and affordable pieces.