Organic Sugar + Coconut Oil Body Scrub - Lianna San Francisco


This scrub is simply magical! You can exfoliate your lips or your entire body. Perfect for the bikini area to help keep away stubborn ingrown hairs.

When exfoliating your body it is only necessary to exfoliate around 2x a week.
When exfoliating bikini area after waxing you can exfoliate every shower to decrease ingrown hairs or as much as you would like.
I have found scrubbing 2-3x a week can also help small bumps behind arms and legs go away as well.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic sugar, pure sea salt, avocado oil. (optional lavender essential oil)

Avoid putting wet hands directly in jar because the water can cause the scrub to go rancid or solidify.
Scoop scrub out of jar and put in bowl outside of the shower.
Wash your body.
Massage scrub onto skin.
Pat Dry with towel to retain oils on skin.

  • Brand: Lianna San Francisco 
  • Handmade in San Francisco, California

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