3 Local Artisan Made Brands That Bring Laguna Beach To Your Home

Available online and in-store, our curated home goods are perfect gifts or Laguna souvenirs that promise quality and personality.

1. The Desert Kiln | Ceramic ware, inspired by the dessert brought to life by the water. 

We love having The Desert Kiln in our coveted collection of home goods due to the unique styles, time, quality, and love each piece is created with. We are also extremely happy to support another female-owned and led business. From Vanessa, the owner and founder of The Desert Kiln; 

“Where I get my inspiration: The reason why my business is called "The Desert Kiln" is way less complex than people may think. I just really like the desert. When I first started ceramics, I loved painting cacti. I love the desert and the beautiful plants and wildlife it can sustain. It's beautiful that nature can provide life even in the most extreme conditions. I honestly respect desert landscapes out of any on earth for this unique reason. 

Illustrations of nature in any form inspire me the most. If I'm not being inspired by nature, I get inspired by making work that empowers others. That's why I love making female-inspired art as well. 

Why I care about my process: I make detailed, small-batch work. I make small batches at my own pace because I like to keep my work enjoyable for me. I hand make every single piece on my pottery wheel, hand paint every single design, and take my time. I care about putting my touch into every piece I make. I try to make pieces that turn everyday activities into mindful and special moments. I think that owning a piece of pottery that was made with hours of handmade love is something people appreciate.”

AMENAH Artisan Collection - The Desert Kiln

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2. Digiusto Design Co. | Art inspired by memorable places husband and wife visit

Alex and Dan Di Giusto, are both a husband and wife duo based out of San Diego, California. After meeting while studying abroad, they fell in love, returned to Los Angeles, picked up and moved to Sydney, and then finally decided to settle down in Alex’s hometown, beautiful San Diego, CA. From Alex and Dan;

"We love exploring the beauty and diversity of Southern California and hope to share glimpses of it through our art! Thanks for sharing our journey." 

Digiusto design co at AMENAH

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3. Lianna Soap | Clean, Home-grown, Luxurious Bath Essentials 

Since perfecting her first soap recipe in 2015, Lianna has been pouring her heart into creating clean, home-grown products while preserving the nourishing, luxurious experience we all love and the environment.

From incorporating family garden roses and lemons in bath essentials, using only CA-grown organic olive oil, limiting unnecessary ingredients, and using recycled packaging, Lianna Soap is deeply committed to showcasing the power and beauty of simple, natural ingredients and processes. From Lianna;

"Lianna Soap’s mission is to shift awareness to the ingredients of the things we consume and love, understanding what they do for our bodies, and how kind they are to the planet. 

Lianna Soap’s unspoken mission is to also have the most fun and create relationships. With every bar stamped “Let’s be Friends!” on our packaging - we mean it! Our process keeps us a part of nature and inspires us to create sustainably to protect the earth that gives us these beautiful ingredients.

Join us and indulge, one bar at a time!"

Lianna Soap, luxury organic ingredients

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