Hyssop + Honeycomb Organic Bitters


This Bitters uses leaves, stems and flowers from fresh organic hyssop and lavender together with honeycomb, sage and rose to reveal the timeless flavor trinity and healing powers of honey, flowers, and herbs; a few drops will bring depth of flavor to cocktails and stimulate digestive health. Take daily in sparkling water for digestive health. Pairs well with cocktails like Paloma, Bees Knees, Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Greyhounds.

  • Flavor Profile: Robust + Herbaceous + Floral
  • 4 fl. oz.
  • 37% ABV
  • Ingredients: organic non-GMO cane spirit, natural spring water, organic hyssop, organic honeycomb, organic lavender, organic rose, organic sage, organic dandelion root, organic gentian root    

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